Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfect Circle Arcane Mage PvP Sessions ~ 70-79 battlegrounds

Unloading everything accumulated from the hard drive in the past two years starting with this very long series of Perfect Circle Arcane Mage videos. This footage features my human mage "Mystero" who was leveling from 70-79 in battlegrounds. In total I think the series is over an hour long of straight-up mage player versus player action mostly against higher leveled players. There is a lot of flag capturing, flag returns, 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, and 1 vs. 3. Contained in the footage is also a lot of hidden surprises. This is the ultimate PvP unload.

The band A Perfect Circle was affiliated with many old school PvP videos from the early days of World of Warcraft and therefore I initially wanted to use three songs of theirs for the first Mage video. I realized quickly that I had a lot more footage than I previously suspected and decided to just keep using the bands songs. Not only did it fit with the Perfect Circle theme but music by this band aligns quite well with any PvP footage you place it to.

Here is the quote from the video description on the youtube series for the Perfect Circle Sessions 1-5:

I called this series "Perfect Circle" because my first ever PvP video was a Mage video that was uploaded in 2007. I always wanted to come full circle to create a new PvP video in 2011 with that same mage. Hologram has come full circle and is now featured in this video as a Human Mage named Mystero. Here you find the secrets of the magic oval. "The Perfect Circle of Magi". Techniques of trickery and wizardry for your success as an arcane mage.

This is actually the same mage from my first ever level 39 mage video uploaded in 2007. Back then he was a Blood Elf mage located on Emerald Dream server. Considering I already had higher level Alliance characters on Tichondrius server (80 Rogue, 80 Druid, 80 Death Knight) I actually decided to change factions for my Blood Elf Mage "Hologram" for all of his rare enchants, gold, cool mounts amongst other benefits. He was my oldest character and therefore I transferred him to join my Alliance characters and share his World of Warcraft history of collectables.

Perfect Circle 1:

Perfect Circle 2:

Perfect Circle 3:

Perfect Circle 4:

Perfect Circle 5:

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