Monday, January 17, 2011

Rift - Planes of Telara - Beta #4 - FILTHY DIRTY ROGUE - Assassin World PvP & Warfronts

Well, I finished a new PvP video featuring my Dwarf Assassin "Ghost". All of the footage was recorded in Rift closed beta event #4.

I was driven to finish this video sooner than later because of a comment I read on the forums that has been gaining a lot of steam (over 29 pages with most people agreeing).  Well, after my experiences in beta #4 on my melee rogue I disagreed with it and felt obligated to finish this video off as soon as I got some free time. Here is the quote from the forums:

"I've said it before and I'll say it again and again until they're properly looked at (squeaky wheel gets the grease approach). Melee rogues are beyond broken.

Combat in pvp as a melee rogue boils down to doing a stun starter that lasts 4 seconds, some builders and a finisher that maybe drop a target to 2/3rds health if you're lucky, maybe another 4 second stun if you've specced that far into the assassin tree, some energy regen, maybe a builder, maybe a finisher. When all is said and done after the cc is expended and all their cool downs are blown, usually the enemy is at about half health and destroys them in a few hits or kites them to their doom. Melee rogues just don't have the dps output to do much of anything that any other class can't do way better. Sure they have stealth, but with their current weakness about all its good for is ninja-ing flags since getting the jump on someone doesnt really give any advantage when they immediately fizzle out on damage.

 Everybody is entitled to their opinon but I think that quote is full of exaggeration. I don't think we have it as easy as some of the other classes but melee rogues aren't "beyond broken" by any means & I think my video does a good job at proving that.


After clicking play be sure to change the quality from 360p to 720p HD in the bottom right of the video. The video at higher quality will be much more enjoyable.

You can also watch a much larger version if you wish directly off of the youtube page: