Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beta #5 & the infamous PvP video.

Received my email earlier tonight & I am now all patched up & ready to go for beta #5. If you weren't aware, my beta character is named "Ghost" & I play the Guardian side as a Dwarf Assassin on the Lotham PvP server.

The PvP is sure to be fierce with the level cap raised to 30 & access to a new shared contested zone called Scarlet Gorge. If that wasn't enough I believe I might have even more competition than the average player due to my recent PvP video "FILTHY DIRTY ROGUE" from beta #4. The video had received nearly 10,000 views within three days after I posted it & resulted in over 36 pages of discussion on the official forums in these respective threads:

Thread #1:
FILTHY DIRTY ROGUE - Assassin World PvP / Warfronts

Thread #2:
Melee rogues are capable

To top all of that off...I have been receiving multiple private messages on both youtube & on the official forums with threats from various players that want to test my skills. Here are just a few of my favorite messages:

"U suck nub - We will hunt you down weak ganker, hide and cry bitch, your time will come."

"So, I'm coming for you with like 4-5 of my hardcore pvp friends, what name u will choose and server. We saw you are really skilled and we need to hunt and train on you on our times in Rift. This will be nice because even if you dont tell us we will find out easy, people talk allot and names will be easy to trak. We will record real PVP movie with you and people will enjoy, and know your real skill. Be afraid not to join a pvp server or else you will just be a laugh"

I have been having quite the laugh on the account of these messages so keep them coming! It isn't all bad though, through all of the hate emails there has also been a generous amount of love from the community. I have received a lot of praise regarding the video & I have received an overwhelming amount of questions regarding rogues, my Assassin build / rotations & about the game Rift in general.

I am sure I will be quite the hunted Dwarf on Lotham but knowing this is only going to make playing the game & creating FILTHY DIRTY ROGUE pt.2 all the more satisfying. Will you fight alongside me or will you possibly end up another victim featured in my next PvP video?  See you all on the battlefields.

Also, to anybody reading this article without a VIP beta code you have come to the proper place. Alongside the beta email I also received another email that gave me a code that allows 25 VIP activations! Once applied to your account you are guaranteed access to ALL of the remaining scheduled beta events.

 The code is first-come, first-served!

To Apply the VIP Code:
  1. Go to to login or create a new account.
  2. Click "Apply Code" on the left-hand navigation bar and enter your VIP key.
  3. You're done! You will automatically be invited into the remaining beta events.