Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PvP videos Old & New

I have been a fan of PvP for many years now & have created many videos outlining my trials & tribulations engaging in combat with other people across the world. To me it has become a new-age version of multiplayer chess where a collection of minds compete using the tool sets provided to them. Sure some would say that a chess game is completely fair from the start where each player has the exact artillery to offend & defend with versus as an MMO which would have advantages & disadvantages due to gear & class imbalances. I loosely defend my comparison by saying that on the launch day of any MMO everybody starts out of the gate with choices that can either cripple or advance them to success. To put it in perspective, if you joined a chess match halfway through the game I can assure you that a fair portion of your army would be defeated & that it would be your responsibility to outsmart your opponent against all odds. Also, a majority of your opponents are not constantly progressing either. Picture a million chess tables where players are constantly joining late or getting up & leaving the table while their opponents continue playing. So although PvP is typically an imbalanced game I offer that each player has the opportunity to compete if they are willing to figure out how & why others are successful. Though I can enjoy PvE experiences quite a bit I tend to spend most of my time in the MMO world participating in PvP due to the unpredictable nature of playing against real human beings & I thought I would drop off all of my past videos here. Though I have been involved with the PvP systems in many MMO games I have created most of my videos during my experiences in World of Warcraft as their PvP system has always provided countless hours of fun. I did however create one Warhammer Online video which you can see below. You can find the full collection of my gaming videos at my youtube channel:

Be sure to watch in HD either from this page or as larger HD videos directly from the youtube channel. For this blog entry I will start with my newest video & progress down to my older videos:

"Knight of the Living Dead" lvl 70-79 World of Warcraft Battlegrounds (Wotlk)
featuring Nightkeeper - Blood Spec Death Knight

"Feral Shifter" lvl 30-39 World of Warcraft Battlegrounds (Wotlk)
featuring Anxient - Feral Spec Cat Druid

"Master Assassin" Tier 2 Warhammer Online Scenarios & World PvP
featuring Acid - Skirmish Spec Shadow Warrior

"Deadly Vending Machine" lvl 70 World of Warcraft Battlegrounds (Burning Crusade)
featuring Hologram - Arcane/Fire Spec Mage

"Soul of Fire" lvl 30-39 World of Warcraft Battlegrounds (Burning Crusade)
featuring Hologram - Fire Spec Mage