Thursday, February 24, 2011

Farewell Ghost

Included below is my final video from the Rift beta events. The spec is slightly different than FILTHY DIRTY ROGUE pt.1 in the fact that I switched out Blade Dancer for Marksman. I really missed Side Steps from the Blade Dancer tree when dealing with melee Warriors or other Assassins but I also loved having the ability to use a few ranged abilities when other players attempted to kite me or run away. I also loved the ability to flee much better using the combination of the Marksman ability On the Double as well as the Riftstalker 0 point commitment ability Shadow Shift. By the end of the final beta my spec changed again & I removed Marksman as it made sense to go back to Riftstalker as my secondary soul for the improved survivability and the fact that I could close distance on kiters and runners much more effectively with access to many more teleports in the tree. This also gave me back Side Steps as Blade Dancer became my 0 point commitment third soul.

This will be the last video from the Dwarf known as Ghost as I did not acquire the name at launch & I also decided to roll Defiant for a change. I wanted everything to be a new experience and considering that my guild & I saw all the way up to level 42 on Guardian side during beta we made the decision to switch over to Defiant for a totally new experience at launch.

I might still release a new Rift PvP video someday but I barely have time for the game at the moment and although it is the only MMO I am currently subscribed to I just can't dedicate the time that it takes to keep up with the pack these days.

-Ghost (The one & only)