Wednesday, January 05, 2011

RIFT pre-order (I made the plunge)

Well, the deal is sealed:

There are still a few more beta events to go but I have enjoyed myself enough to dive right in & pre-order the boxed Collector's Edition from EB Games. For more information on this visit the following link:

Rift beta #3 - Exclusive screenshots

As promised I have added an additional 50 new screenshots from beta #3 to my RIFT gallery. Due to the fact that I dedicated most of my time in beta #3 developing my Dwarf Assassin/Blade Dancer/Riftstalker all of the screenshots reflect my experiences from the Guardian perspective.

Check out all 50 of the new screenshots (as well as previous screenshots from beta #1 & 2): 

Here are some of my favorite screenshots from beta #3: