Monday, December 27, 2010

RIFT Beta PvP Duels - Recorded in closed beta #1 & 2

Here is a video featuring a collection of duels that I participated in during the first two RIFT closed beta events. Take it for what you will, I was just getting a feel for the game and testing out the various classes/souls.

Watch it in HD at:

My characters that appear in this video:
Ghost - Male Dwarf Blade Dancer / Assassin
Sprite - Female Eth Elementalist / Dominator
Jesus - Male Eth Sentinel / Warden
Smash - Male - Bahmi Champion / Void Knight
Anxient - Male - Kelari Nightblade / Assassin

Recorded using Fraps with the Nvidia GTX 260 video card, quad core cpu rated at 2.3 mhz, 1680x1050, ultra settings but with shadows turned off in most clips.