Thursday, June 24, 2010

World of Warcraft Battleground Bots

World of Warcraft Battleground Bots - How to identify bots & how they affect stealth classes:

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We created this video to outline the current state of World of Warcraft Battlegrounds. Bots have bypassed the Warden system in place by WoW and are running rampant. It seems that people don't seem to understand just how complex bots have become so in this video I give some key identifiers to help you know the difference between a bot and a real player. I also outline how some of the bots that auto-follow teammates can severely affect the gameplay of stealth classes. I hope this video convinces the community to understand just how bad the problem is right now & urges the developers at Blizzard to take this issue seriously. Personally I don't enjoy investing time in developing characters while being passed in levels by botting software. On top of that, half of my battlegrounds don't feel like an MMO experience anymore. They are more like a mix of humans versus bots. If I want PvE in Warcraft there are far more challenging experiences available compared to these repetitious, predictable BG bots. I play the Battlegrounds for PvP and this is not what the current state of World of Warcraft is offering in Battlegrounds.

Feel free to read the thread that I had started on the official forums:
(23 pages of discussion - 443 posts)

Unfortunately after 23 pages of discussion from a concerned community Blizzard decided to lock the thread with no comment or explanation. In my opinion this was a sad day in the gaming world because this somewhat proves to the community that they would rather sweep the evidence under the carpet instead of face the problem directly. The conversation was positive & held many creative suggestions to assist Blizzard in the fight but instead of addressing the 23 page (443 posts) thread they locked it with no explanation. This leaves me under the impression that Blizzard is no longer concerned with the fight for gaming integrity because after everything is said and done these botters are paying a subscription fee. So it is either a financial decision to allow these gaming practices or they simply just don't know how to battle the problem anymore.

In these modern times these botting/exploiting issues are a very common problem in the MMO gaming world & I am really praying that a company steps up to the plate and truly battles these issues vigorously & relentlessly. The lackluster approach to this issue by major gaming companies is making the trend more and more common. With no repercussions in sight I am noticing that the "if you can't beat them, join them" mentality in regards to botting & exploiting is spreading at an uncontrollable rate.

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